Online payment security: Tips for staying safe

Open webpage, click, enter email, enter the password. Incorrect password, I looked very confused at my laptop screen and pondered why the pin code that I wrote down the previous night so that I don’t forget it does not want to work. Finally, I get in after resetting my password, the flight portal has no stored information on my flight. I looked everywhere but couldn’t access a record on my flight. Have I been phished? I panicked and started checking around on the webpage the page just didn’t look professional. Only after getting a reply from the flight company and contacting them, I was at ease.

You might have looked at tons of web frames, stumble around making your purchases. It’s been reported that there have been rapid increases in e-commerce and digital payments lately as most people are trying to limit their visits to the store during the current pandemic. Will digital payments become the new future? At the tip of your fingertip, you can pay for almost anything you need, however not all people feel entirely secure about sharing their bank details or personal information online. Most of my friends have anxiety about having to enter their details online and rather prefer to avoid it by all means. What if the digital phase is upon us and paper money becomes a thing of the past just how some coins have completely phased out, will you be ready to embrace the digital phase? For those who might still feel unsure about doing transactions online, I have decided to give some tips on how you can keep your eyes open and be alert while doing your online payments.

The amateur
We are probably all guilty for sharing too much of ourselves on the internet, on our social media pages we post pictures of ourselves and post places that we visit which makes you even more vulnerable to become a victim to strangers. How much more can you become a victim of a cyber attacker if you not careful? While you make online payments there are certain preventive measures you must take, which I would call to be-alert-and-cautious of anything unusual. Just like you look carefully before you cross the road, you have to be responsible while you make online payments so that you don’t put your details at risk. These are basic measures that will allow you to be a step ahead of hackers that are calculating your careful interactions with the internet.

Secure Measures
The consumer is largely protected in an event where payments went off on your account without your knowledge. How can you prevent such from happening? Firstly, you need to change your passwords for your cards regularly and try not to do the old fashioned of wanting to keep your passwords the same for all your accounts. When you in a public space and you want to make a payment do not use public WIFI to do so, as hackers can easily set up a public WIFI of the same name for example “Abc restaurant”, when you connected to their WIFI router mistakenly they can then see and record everything you do. It is also important to set up a text alert from your bank so that if money is deducted you can see it and be able to notify your bank right away. Another technique is to check the features on any webpage you on, check for the legitimacy of the site (there must be contact details, reviews, policy).

You can also check for safety features on a site if it has a small lock icon or an https, the “s” indicates that the site you on is secure. If you don’t see any of these features than it’s a fake copy of the actual site. Lastly check through your statement history regularly, being mindful of your transaction’s history is another way of checking if there is no unusual activity in your bank account. These are crucial alerts that you need to be on the lookout for, it is like making sure the traffic light is green before you proceed.

Be on the lookout for malicious software also referred to as malware which enters your computer without you knowing it. The silent fraud, where criminals use malware to steal the login information of your accounts. Don’t click on pop-ups or respond to unusual emails or messages, because these are some of the tricks that hackers use to get into your laptop. If you suspect any malware do not proceed with your payments.

Online shopping has become more common among all age groups, with all the devices available that can allow you to almost buy from anywhere. Consensus shows that digital shopping is fast advancing that’s why we as the consumers also need to upgrade our knowledge so that we can be ready for the digital phase, like the proverbial go, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Stay safe!

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Will we need to dig deeper in our pockets? – 5G Technology

It has nearly been 100 days since South Africa went into Lockdown, the stay at home life. A reality that many of us were not ready for, trapped in the square meters of your home and only allowed to go out for essentials, at least now after the easing of the regulations in level 3, one can do more than the minimum that we could do. This is the new normal for now, that everyone is still getting used to, most jobs moved online but also the majority of the population had to stay in touch with loved ones via calls but mostly via the internet. Besides the panic buy for food people also made sure they have internet connections. Tons of data, fibre deals, whatever it took to stay connected, regardless of the pricey internet deals in South Africa what mattered most was having access to the internet whether it is for work, school or leisure.

For many, the internet became a necessity just like buying bread and milk. How much did we need to dig in our pockets to stay connected, it’s like buying electricity for our houses, the houses that needed to stay connected for the sake of our jobs? Until today data costs in South Africa have been a big debate. There might just be some light at the end of the tunnel when lockdown started ICASA (The Independent Communications Authority of South Africa) was given the go-ahead to allocate temporarily spectrum to telecom operators so that the networks can be expanded and accessible to many during the lockdown. This has been an ongoing battle that operators have been trying to achieve before, which is possibly the light at the end of the tunnel. This is why there were some decreases in prices of data deals lately but this spectrum also allowed SA operators to start launching some of its new 5G technology, what does this have in store what can 5G mean to SA?

5G means faster internet and more possibilities in the 4th Industrial revolution. Increase speed to up to 100x faster than the 4G LTE networks. There is also a reduced latency which means no more lagging but having a real-time experience and never missing meetings again because of low bandwidth problems. Faster downloads and network reliability. Not only in the cellular networks but it can also mean better technology for robotics and development of artificial intelligence systems which is still underdeveloped in SA. It also provides better gaming experiences for gamers who can have fair gaming with no delayed frames which makes the games more competitive. This technology could give more advantages to hackers?

Some of SA’s service providers have started rolling out 5G in most metro areas recently, the responses have been great despite the radiation conspiracies regarding 5G on twitter. Technology-wise it can mean better days for SA the questions though whether there be a cut in data cost? One CEO of the network providers mentioned that an adequate spectrum is essential for mobile operators since they would be able to half their input costs which ultimately allow them to cut low on their prices as they would have more frequencies on which data and information can be carried. If not that I think there might still be a lower cost when 5G becomes popular which means decreased prices in 4G.

I think what everyone is hoping at the end of the day is that prices drop, so many people avoid going online (whenever I ask my friends to check out my blog) because of the ridiculous data costs, it cost the basic user more money to buy data than for someone who has a contract. This is ironic as the basic user should have an affordable price. Despite the luxury of surfing the internet but also making life easier for the many South African’s who now had to resort to moving their business to the internet. Will there be a rainbow at the end of the tunnel?

I tried explaining to a friend of mine that if she keeps on buying data the way she does, hundred-rand of data every second day that she would soon be broke due to one expense, which is data. I told her that this is her biggest expense. After a week or two, I made her swop over to a month to month network payment deal. She now has unlimited data and it’s costing her lesser than what she used to spend. Despite the technological benefits of 5G, will internet users stick with their 4G or will they be able to afford the new technology that is transforming in SA?

Not only will people need to pay for 5G connections they also would need to have 5G compatible devices, are South Africans ready for the new tech development which will allow them speed and comfortability or will it be a painful costly phase to the end of the tunnel.




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Essential business skills for launching a successful startup

One of the big projects I worked on a while ago, was coordinating the setup of a coffee shop in Cape Town. This project has taught me a lot about myself. It taught me that to be courageous means believing in the vision of your plan. Where did it all start, one of the founders approach me and wanted me to help him in the vision he had. This was different from what I’m used to, it had me thinking for a while. How do you create a business from scratch? I thought I’d share my experience with you and how your approach can be when starting your own business from start to opening the doors. Albert Einstein once said, “the only source of knowledge is experience.” You might have read all the books and manuals on how to set up a business. I, however, will mainly express some principles you can execute practically based on the experience I had during the month of setting up thee coffee shop.

My trial run in experiences started when I was still in high school when my parents allowed me to help them in their business back then. This was my first-hand experience in profit gaining. It did not just stop there as I went on exploring ideas around photography and events management. One thing I wish I had back then is a great team. If you have a great team on your side who is willing to make your vision a reality you can’t go wrong. Who says a team has to be hired, staff? Let me walk you through how we opened doors in due time and successfully attracted people that believed in the project.

The project 

It all started with consecutive meetings. It is crucial to plan and to meet regularly, with your team or your advisers. I needed to get a clear vision of the plan from the founders’ perspective. Luckily, we had already bought the most important which was the coffee machine and we had found the perfect building to rent. What I jot down on my diary back then was that we have the building, it’s empty we need to turn it into the coffeeshop. This means coming up with ideas brainstorming and executing ideas. At first, we needed to have an overall theme of the look and how we would design the interior this is where some of my friends who are working in these professions has become my best help, without their help this project would not have been possible. Make sure you share your business idea with your friends and get their take on advice. Trust me your friends might not always have the time to physically help but one thing they would do is give their insight.

The vision

After studying the ideas and having to research the coffee industry, what grinder to use I needed to revisit the vision and practically write down what we still need (paint, lights, furniture, wall art, etc). This helped a lot to have a clear practical vision and I could visualize how we would finish the project. When you start your business make sure to write down practical things that will help you to ultimately achieve your vision. After having a clear goal, you then need to share the goal with your team. So that they can see the same vision as you. I had a great privilege to have my friends who are designers on board who became my advisers but also managed to design the logo and was the backbone in the ultimate look of the coffee shop.


While my friends were doing what they were good at I gathered some more friends who were willing to help me and we cleared out the building and started plotting down the vision into reality. I delegated to them what they could start doing such as painting and sanding, with many hands we were able to make progress. When you start your business try by all means to do most of the labor by yourself in this way you can cut low on your start-up costs. Because I have done painting, electricity, and some drilling before this was effortless fun. By doing itself you also appreciate the effort that went into your business in the end as the proverbial goes the sweat and devotion pay off in the end. I remember one night I worked late painting the floor, what made me happy was hearing how everyone like it the following day. You must be willing to go the extra mile to reach your goal.


After some days we managed to do most of the installations and painting. This progress has made everyone excited as they could see the reality of their inputs. There were still some last technical issues we needed to sort out before we could open doors. This is where you need to get your community on board to help by any means. Approach them about what you’re creating and what you achieved so far, small companies would be more than welcome to donate. During our last days when our budget was at its end so many companies were happy to donate things. If you seek community help there would be many people that wouldn’t mind helping.

Sell your idea 

In this project, I learned that the team you have at your side will allow you to achieve your goal because everyone starts liking the vision in the end. After the official opening, so many people said that they loved how the shop looked. They key in a successful business is selling the idea to others so that they may fall in love with the idea.






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Journey to the Golden City

How Joburg has welcomed me: Living in Johannesburg

As mentioned in one of my earlier posts, titled “If you work you get rewarded, grab the opportunity” you might have realized that I traveled and moved around quite often. I always had these adventures of going to new places and explore and experience life there. Before I moved to Johannesburg I have been living in Cape Town, practically a resident as many of my friends later couldn’t tell the difference and firmly believed I’m from Cape Town.

Going to Johannesburg had me anxious at first, as it would be the largest city I ever explored. I didn’t know what to expect, but mostly I heard people saying it’s a big city and there is no beach there. I’m originally from Port Elizabeth a very small and cozy city with a grand beach, why would I exchange that atmosphere for Jozi. I guess for me it has always been about exploring new places and experiencing new things in life. Very contradictory to my personality as being an introvert doesn’t usually go with “hey, let’s go somewhere” but I think it’s these moments that allow me to get out of my skin and not be trapped behind my personality. 

The big move 

Against all odds, I did what I always do, followed my heart and moved to Johannesburg on the 3rd of September 2018. I didn’t get to experience a lot within the first week, I still had to get used to how big the city is (wow everywhere you go is a ride away). The climate is different and my nose was suffering the most, nosebleeds and having to adapt to the dry air. Still today I’m not used to the air but I’ve learned to keep hydrated is important. It took a good two weeks for me to familiarise myself with some landmarks (just enough, to not get lost on my way home). The first things I missed about Cape Town was the blue clouds and the big mountains. I tried looking for them in Jozi but all I could see around me was misty clouds and big buildings, they don’t call it the concrete jungle for nothing.

How did I adapt to everything?

I remember somewhere along the first few weeks I messaged some of my friends who stayed in Jozi and told them that I am now in the city, I asked them what advice they have for me. Most told me to stay safe as it does get dangerous, others told me to make friends and be involved. How do you stay connected and yet safe at the same time? My first attempts were going out and visiting different places so that I can get a hang of how the citizens are in general. 

The very first place I went to was Wits University. My friend introduced me to a few friends, later I went to the University of Johannesburg, this was one of the very first experiences and interactions I had with the people in the city. The people are very driven and I have learned that people have different characters. You get your reserved people than you get the artistic people, different fashion styles, and people having their own unique identities. Nevertheless, people are open to conversation especially if it is something that can enrich their minds or if you can teach them something they didn’t know. Others are just skeptical about who they engage with as they are aware that there are many sketchy characters (I will elaborate on this later). Some were very friendly even to the point where they offered to buy lunch.

Knowing people helped me find my feet and their experiences of the city have helped me to blend in and become familiar with the city 

The hustle 

I have been involved in many projects before and coordinated business set-ups before and what I found was that people enjoyed this aspect about me (yikes I shouldn’t have shared this about me). There are many business-minded people and everyone is on some business idea they pushing since I have my fair share of experience, most wanted to partner up with me and wanted to work with me. This, of course, was not my main point of moving to Joburg. Yes, this is how I realized that people in Jozi have some form of hustle they pushing. This also adds to why they driven and why it is called the busy city as many are involved in things if they not working, it’s educating themselves. If it’s not that they have some form of entrepreneurship.

Something interesting I realized 

I realized that the quality of living here is more advance and that people have an image they uphold (just my opinion). I have never seen so many fancy cars on the road as I did elsewhere (Porches…). You are more likely to find a job here than in other cities, so if you looking into settling into Joburg at least jobwise you should manage and find something. Despite the nature I missed, there is a lot of trees here, it is known as the city with most manmade trees in it. There is also a big mixture of culture here, so many languages and so many things in Joburg that just makes Joburg, to be Joburg (haha I said Joburg to many times)

The famous kota and the taxi signs to make your way around the city (you need to know them otherwise you will get lost). I also learned that everywhere you drive you need to make sure your GPS is set up and that it tells your clear directions otherwise you will get lost. If you miss your turn off on the freeway you will have a long way to drive before you will find the next turn off for a detour. Fairly safe to travel only if you constantly aware of your surroundings, there are many con-artists. Who appears good but have hidden agendas, try to not speak to strangers, if you do, keep it minimum and walk away.

I have certainly loved moving here it’s a city of gold, just like gold has open many opportunities to the market. Here in this city, you will be faced with many opportunities, all you have to do is endure the process and adapting to the environment of changes.



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“Life seems to go on without effort when I am filled with music.” My playlist

Music can’t be underrated; yes, indeed it has become of sentimental value to many. Some call it a daily dose to keep them going. For others, it’s a way to escape life and be relieved from stress, but many just want the entertainment that music offers. I’ve lost my earphones so many times, and every time I lost it, the first thing I think about is how I would listen to my music. I know it’s very sad, I’m sure you had experienced this before. Music is part of my daily routine; it helps me to get tasks done and keeps me motivated but mostly it gets me through the rush of life. Since music plays such an important role in my life, I will now share some of my favourite tracks I have been spending a lot of time listening to recently.

As you might have picked up in one of my recent posts titled “SA’s house music scene”, that I’m into house music. Yes, that’s correct, I do spend a lot of time listening to house music.  However, I do also enjoy other genres. There are so many artists to choose from and so many songs, but the songs that are on my current playlist are songs that I can keep on repeat for a long time without getting bored by it.  I read a quote that says “a painter paints on canvas but musicians and producers paint on silence”, I think this is profound as it is the exact silence that gets filled in my daily life and that summarises why I’m sharing my playlist with you. Hopefully, some of these songs might enlighten you.

While I was trying to do some research on various DJ’s recently, I came across some of DJ Black Coffee’s tracks. When listening to the sets he was working on, some mixes have caught my ear, it made me get into the beat and it is tracks that help me get things done while I’m working on tasks that I need to get done for work. Black Coffee is good at bringing the best sounds in songs, that allows you to love music so much- some of the tracks I’m enjoying so far are DeMajor Feat. Lizwi – Traveller (Kususa & QueTornik Official Remix) and Black Coffee ft Toshi-Buya (Da Capo Dub). Both these songs just remind me why I’m so proud of being South African and it makes me want to dance.

Another artist that I’ve discovered a while back is Paxton Fielies. I think I’ve taken a liking to her music not just because she’s a local artist but mostly because she has reached a new level in the industry, her songs are bringing a new atmosphere. I like her voice so much; her songs make me feel alive and it tells a story that resonate well with me. Sometimes it can make me think deep too- a couple of my favourites are Paxton – Battleground (Feat. Craig Lucas) and Smother-Craig Lucas & Paxton Fielies. Her songs tell a deep story, and if you enjoy listening to great vocals than I would recommend you to give it a try.

When I’m usually a bit distant or focus on something serious, or sometimes when my mind just goes into a mode of trying to keep things to myself. Especially if I had a bad day or when I realize its time for me to buckle up and reconduct myself then I usually would listen to RnB. I also refer to these as my toughen-up songs, some of my favourites are Jay Z feat. Justin Timberlake- Holy Grail and Lil Wayne – Something You Forgot. These songs remind me that although I might be going through a bad day, it will be okay in the end. It has the ability to allow me to keep strong even in low days (kind of like the songs that gets me through storms)

So far you might have picked up on the variety of songs I’m listening to. There is a difference in all of them.

Since I am always in a searching mode to discover a song that I can listen to, I recently happened to get some recommendations from a student. At first, he warned me that the stuff he listens to goes way back. Eventually, I managed to give it a try and I must say it definitely was great music that I can put on repeat. Some of the songs from that list, Bonnie Tyler – Holding Out For A Hero. The last song, Goodbye (1969) – Mary Hopkin, I heard from a series called Age of Youth that I recently finished watching. These songs might be old school, but it has become part of my playlist, the reason I like these two because it makes me feel mellow and relaxed.

These were some of my favourite songs that have been on replay on my playlist. As a scavenger hunter, I’m always on the lookout to explore more songs. Music really plays a big role in my life and often the music I listen will tell you the mood I’m in at that stage, but generally, all the music I listen to lightens up my day.

Let me know what your favourite songs are in the comment section, I will definitely try them out!

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What’s the hype about Anime?

I realized that many of my peers were watching anime, but I didn’t know what this was about.  Some attempted to explain to me but it wasn’t clear to me what this is or what the hype was about it, all I knew is that both young and older peers were watching it. Later in 2015, I got some suggestions from a few friends who wanted me to try out this cool anime they watching. I then gave it a try, but it wasn’t instantly that I had an idea of what this was.

You might have wondered what anime is about. No, it’s not cartoons, many people do confuse it, I too thought the same back then. After my first real experience with anime, I came to understand why this was a popular thing, why many were captured by it. Let me tell you the difference, cartoons are when photographs are used in a sequence. Anime, on the other hand, Japanese styled film and television animation which is aimed at not just children but also adults to enjoy. I know, this is still confused, it also took me a good five-weeks to understand what it is all about.

Maybe my experience with anime might give you a clear explanation of what it is about. My friend suggested that I watch Bleach, I gave it a try but even after I watched three episodes, I wasn’t really into it yet, until I watch a few more episodes after that, weeks later only. When the plot of Bleach started to be painted, I quickly figured the storyline, the part where Rukia was set to be executed for going against the rules of the soul society. This was the part where I got captivated. You can’t base your interest on only watching one episode, an anime has many episodes and you need to give yourself time, the story builds up first, but after four episodes you should know if it’s one you like.

The reason why I tried it and how I got hooked to the storylines that anime offers. Because of anime style and how the characters, the setting is designed always changes, as animators try to bring the best experience by their drawings. The plot is very complex, there is a build-up of events, most of the anime can be enjoyed specifically by adults as they can relate with the character traits, emotions, and growth. Although most anime has a lot of episodes, what is good about it is that one episode usually is about 20 minutes long, which can pretty much be enjoyed at any time during your day when you have a moment free and not sure what to get up to.

People find entertainment out of anime because there are so many genres and so many different kinds to choose from. The first time I watched it, I could relate to the characters. Many anime can help you in your character, just how reading a book can help you learn something in life anime has the same effect. Overall, most anime is based on true friendship and loyalty. Anime involves a lot of good vs evil which can help you to see the ugly side that some humans can have and how you can deal with it but also with how you can have life lessons to get through your own enemies in your own life.  It can be enjoyed by watching the dubbed videos as well as subbed videos, generally, you can experience the characters better when you watch subbed version.

I had a very capturing first anime experience. I enjoyed it so much I ended up binge-watching for weeks to finish it as I wanted to see what happens at the climax of the anime. I was so hooked that some times during lunch I would watch 2 episodes. It allowed me to skip the real world for a short while and it was the best decision I made when I gave anime a try. Those who enjoy relaxing and want to free their minds, this is definitely the remedy. All it takes is for you to do some research and find a genre or specific anime you interested in watching.

 Every day the numbers rise in those who enjoy watching anime. This is by far a good investment that one can make. It can be enjoyed at a few finger clicks, there are many online streaming sites that you can watch it at.  Or you can find your nearest anime fan, who will definitely hook you up with his/her downloaded collection. The good thing about it all is that anime is a common topic of communication among many people. Besides just the anime, you also get to experience the Japanese culture and inspirational advice from most of the storylines.

If you going to start your very first anime, I would suggest you trying Death Note. It’s a very short anime. A kind alert you might become addicted to anime but is okay it’s all worth it!

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Singapore the city of “discipline and bans” but I still loved staying there!

February 2016, I suddenly decided that I would go overseas, without having given much thought before I arranged for my trip abroad. It was an in the moment decision, usually going overseas, requires that one obviously need to make sure they have everything in order, such as the right documentation and that you do some research about the country. I ensured I’m familiar with the laws and regulations of Singapore. I’m very anxious when it comes to border control and how strict countries are in terms of foreigners entering into their borders, therefore being aware of everything about the country was my priority.

I than self-educated myself on the laws of the country, than I looked at how the people are there in general and also visa requirements. Singapore have many rules that one must adhere to otherwise you will have to pay a fine or you will get into trouble. Some of these rules are that you not allowed to chew gum and that you also not allowed to j-walk, which I think wasn’t that much of a bad regulation which the country implemented. I think as a result of these rules, looking at the people in general and how they conduct themselves, it is evident that by these regulations, the citizens are genuinely upright and respectful to one another. I think if people are not reprehended for their actions or regulated, compared to other countries, then people will just do what they want. Having experience these regulations is part of the reason that highlights why I enjoyed my holiday in Singapore.

Mindset of the citizens

Singapore was the safest country I ever visited and also very clean. I could go out to the 7-Elven convenience store at 3 am, which was a walk away from Yio Chu Kang, where I stayed at. There were no muggers or thieves, even the one time when I forgot my laptop bag in the Ang Mo Kio food market, I found it safely where I left it 4 hours later. The streets are clean and parks are clean, some signs indicate the penalty you will pay if you litter or if you don’t adhere to a certain regulation.
I than began to ponder why people follow these rules so carefully (it’s not like they being watched) it’s because of the mindset that the countries regulations foster, that the people become those who can take ownership for their actions. When you travel on the subway trains, you can see the mindset the people have, usually the younger generation are considerate towards their elders, it’s not just their culture, but also how the countries general vision for safety and order within its laws have instilled citizenship of pride and gentleness in their conduct.

“At the end of the day, what have I got? A successful Singapore. What have I given up? My life.”

These are the words from Singapore’s founding Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew, whose legacy will remain, he has built and led the transformation of the country. Because of Singaporeans’ roots we can see how it has immensely carried over into a nation that has the right values. The people I interacted with, I was happy to converse with them, they are people of consideration and compassion. I felt at home and the country has hosted me warmly.

Singapore zoomed in

When I arrived, after a long connecting flight from South Africa via Dubai at first glance I fell in love with the beautiful structures and architecture in the country. There are many tall skyscrapers but also very creative local parks and scenery amongst the HBD flats, which are public housing for the citizens. In some suburbs there is a Shopping mall, which is a bit bigger but also a market area, mostly consisting out of food courts which is also knows as hawker-stand environments, later I’ll elaborate on the different kinds of food they offer.

One interesting thing is that you don’t need to have a car when staying there the country has a innovative transportation system, you can literally get everywhere via the subway trains and buses. Every trip from your place to the city centre is very fast and can get you to your destination in minutes. The place I like the most was Marina Bay Sands; a very beautiful structure and it was an amazing experience seeing the engineering that was used. Since it was Chinese new year’s, my friends and I were able to see the fireworks, which usually only happens ones a year.

Why I recommend you to visit Singapore

Apart from all the amazing buildings and scenery and technological advance systems in the country that makes it easy to get around. One thing that captured my hearts was the culture of the Singaporeans, people there really love eating food. Because the country is a tropical country, its humid throughout the year, usually than people prefer coming out at night after work and then go to their favourite eating places. If you truly love food and if trying new food is your hobby than I would recommend you to visit Singapore and experience all the amazing dishes it offers. There is so many to choose from, the food culture is what made me want to stay forever.

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SA’s house music scene

The house music market in South Africa has exponentially grown over the years, regarded as the best, however the underlying question, does it get the necessary exposure on an international level?

In South Africa, a very diverse nation, there is nothing as feeling home as when you experience the uniquely tuned and carefully selected beats that are selected by South Africa’s renowned DJs. Whether you in a taxi or at your friends, events or even an evening at your favourite social hangout aka club, for others volume up in their cars. These beats will captivate you, and have electrolytes run through your body, sometimes it can foster deep thoughts of belonging or remembrance, but mostly it unites.

I have been thinking for a while about how uniquely styled the house music is in our country, it is evident everywhere in our local domains, you find yourself nodding to a track, another exercising while listening to their favourite track. In my sort of work, having to prep for school, I have discovered that listening to house music, helps me to get things done. Before I sat down to elaborate my thoughts on the house music scene of South Africa and the identity it has brought to our people, the sense of belonging and feeling of pride. I have had a moment of carefully appreciating how blessed we are for having the most skilled DJ’s in our continent while listening to one of our prominent DJ Black Coffee, edit on DakhaBrakha – Yagudki (Bedouin Remix). I was moved by the careful scribbling and editing. The house music that we have brings us alive, helps us get through the day.

After carefully examining some of SA’s tracks, one common connection among the different genres such as kwaito, gqom, and late piano-led house music, amapiano is that it tells a unique story. Each track is produced and constructed in such a way that it can open your mind, not just that but for you to put your grove on. Black Coffee believes that SA is a platform for African producers that need to be projected into the global market. Yet because there is no record label structure in SA to release the underground music, as a result, it is why certain songs don’t reach wide stretched markets. In his efforts to address the awareness, his plan is not just for Abroad to come and sign big deals but for SA to do its own thing and revolutionize the skill that has grown rapidly in the country.

Each year the citizens are eager expectation to hear the new hit songs when Skeleton by Master KG and Banomoya by Prince Kaybee & Busiswa & TNS arrived the festive was sparked and in all celebrations, people were unified and this is a true depiction of the house music identity in SA.

SA has diverse talent in the house music market, besides those who did not reach world recognition yet, we still have great manufacturing in new artists, producers, and DJs. There are many new faces trending and many of them come from trial and error. The stories behind these artists will give you hope, it is an inspiration to the listeners. Such as Makhadzi who only started getting more publicity after Matorokisi ft DJ Call Me; Thandi Draai who always had a passion for music, told her mom she wants to do something in music. Her mom encouraged her otherwise to study something on the side, but after realizing the course was not recognized, she still believed in her dreams, even after her mom gave her three-year financial support cut off period, she went on and used every opportunity to build who she is today with little resources. The proverbial never give up on something that you can’t go a day without thinking about and never give up on your dreams. SA’s art tells a story, and when you listen to the house music that’s produced you can resonate and understand the deeper meaning behind it. Moreover, it emphasizes the amount of effort and dedication that went into making it to the point where the listener can experience the love of the music.

Despite SA’s local music not reaching the global recognition it deserves yet, it has certainly stirred a wave of unity throughout the country. When people are gathered, a lot of diversity is blended; they all sing along and dance unique styles designed in the beat of the house music. The ones who have pioneered our house music abroad are now at the forefront, groundbreakers in expanding the market for SA’s talent.

For them to have made it big in the global market, it brings a sense of pride and installs unity among South Africans, stirring the young and old to desire to follow a path they followed. It is, without a doubt, that house music has significantly imparted and given identity to many South Africans. This identity is deeply rooted, something the world is yet to understand.

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The Importance of a Daily Routine

There is nothing as scary as waking up late and rushing to get things done. Regardless of how many times you prompt to yourself “come on, almost done” or “I’m so late”.  We all might have had a day like this before, you’re late for work, the traffic! Your mind and hands just can’t function fast enough. You rapidly trying to work against time, but as we all know the proverbial time waits for no one.

This is a nightmare that no one ever wants to experience and not only is it frustrating but also puts you behind for the day, resulting in what we call a bad day.

How do you prevent having a bad day?  Your day needs some planning to it, something as small as giving the thought of what your day will be like are some of the small steps in what we call schedules, routines, and to-do lists. Which are usually the habits that bring order to your days, such as checking your meetings for the day, your emails and daily activities?

Planning is crucial and the survival kit to achieve optimal productivity for your day.  Even urban cities had to be planned carefully and still today they function. With carefully thought and dedication, you can function with ease throughout your day-to-day life.

A goal without a plan is just a wish

To plan is like laying the foundation of your day, start by jotting down in your dairy specific things that you need to do for each day and tick down when you have completed them.  If the foundation is in place than the house can be built, no house can be built if there is no plan.  Sometimes we tend to mentally plan in our head, but then it’s easier to forget, your day needs a plan that acts as a blueprint for the day.


What else does a house have that allows it to stand firm? Bricks and pillars. In your day-to-day life, we often avoid the bricks. The bricks are activities that can usually cause backlogging. These are such as cleaning your room, brushing your teeth, doing the laundry, ironing, packing your bags. Try to have set times for when you can give attention to these necessities. It’s good to have specific times, for example on Saturdays is laundry day. Be specific in setting exact days or times that these can be executed, this helps with accountability. Remember these can’t be overlooked, every delay or lack in doing these can take up extra time in getting your pillars perfected. Not only does it affect your more important tasks but also usually the reason why your day delay.

The pillars, on the other hand, are your more serious tasks, for example, work deadlines, financial planning, self-development, budgeting, and future planning. These aspects need careful planning. Use a planner and set aiming points in it. These aims need to have concise and clear objectives. If you can see your plan and goal every day, you are then reminded of it.

Make use of sticky notes, calendars or online management tools to help you manage yourself. Make sure that these notes are easily accessible that you can reference back it at any given time.

It’s important to make sure that these tasks receive adequate time for managing them. Breaking down your goals into smaller tasks, which you can monitor on a day-to-day basis.

Those who plan will succeed and are a step ahead and less likely to fall behind or forget crucial due dates. Planning does not involve you having to be serious all the time, but for you to know what you need to get done and using a method of scratch done tasks as you get things done.

Successful people

Besides just luck or being a privilege, many successful people need to be very dedicated.  They usually put in a lot of effort. If you do things repeatedly it becomes a common practice. Most of them wake up early and get work done. After getting tasks done, they debrief and reflect on the day. The simple you keep the practice of your day-to-day routine; it becomes efficient and effective.

Starting small

Give yourself the time to start at a gentle pace and have fun at the same time, while practicing your method of planning and fulling tasks.

You can wake up early drink some tea or coffee, while you write down all the tasks that you need to fulfill for the day. As you complete them tick them down. Later the day you can reflect and see what you have completed.

Reflection is important so that you can identify weaknesses. By identifying this you will have time to plan and do better the following day.

There is no right or wrong way of a daily routine, the aim is to make it simple and to execute every aspect of it. Not only will it be beneficial but make your life more organized.

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How family can brighten your Holiday

For each of us, the holiday dynamics might be different, some of us work right through the year and have a short break, while others have the benefit of working from home.  I, on the other side, have a little of both.  Being in the Education Sector has given me a lump sum of holidays.  People often ask me if I even work? When they realise how often I get to be home.  The holidays are precisely special to me because I get to travel back to my home town.  Over the years this has become a tradition for me.  As I travel to my home town, I’m filled with joy and excitement to see my family and childhood friends.

As I want to make every moment memorable and to get the most out of my holiday experience, I usually go down via flight, so that I can skip the long road trip between Johannesburg and Port Elizabeth (almost 11 hours’ drive).  If your planning to go on holiday, it is better to ensure you get your bookings done early, not only does it save you the hassle but you could also get a lot of discounts if you book earlier.  If you are an adventurous person and enjoy long trips, a road trip to your holiday might not be a bad idea, especially if you with your loved ones or friends.  When packing makes sure to pack systematically and that you are aware of what your belongings consist out of, especially if you traveling nationally or internationally this will help you to be on the good side of border control but also for your security reasons.

The first thing I do when I disembark the flight, I warmly greet my family and shower them with gifts.  This I learned from my friend from Zimbabwe, who ones told me that it is good to always take something home, one must never go empty-handed when you visit friends or family, especially after it has been a long time.  It doesn’t have to be fancy gifts as long as you bring something, this gesture will show that you had them in your thoughts.  I usually bring different kinds of tea, noodles (from different countries), chocolates and biscuits. While we sit in the living room and they try their different treats, we would usually have this time to catch up on how everyone has been.  This is usually a very special time for me as we are all reunited and in one place, certainly the moment I cherish the most over the last couple of years.

Being home doesn’t mean I can finally just go into long napping modes and forget about life. No, there are usually a few chores I am responsible for. Firstly, I have to do all the driving as well as fix things around the house if there is anything that needs maintenance. I am also responsible to come up with ideas for possible holiday activities.  Although you might regard your holiday as your time to rest and rejuvenate, one must also see it as a time where you can help around at home. Extend in chores, serve your family members so that you can make their work lighter too so that they can also get time to breathe and rest. Your family might not say it, but the small things you do for them are highly appreciated.

After making sure I have spent a decent amount of time with my family, the next thing I do is to check in with my childhood friends.  It is always amazing to surprise them and to catch up on everything. I would usually go for lunch with them and appreciate the opportunity to see them face to face.  My friends usually ask many questions, and it’s only normal as they haven’t seen me for a long time. This is always the case for me.  They are always happy when I visit them, although it is only a short time, they usually appreciate the fact that I reach out and visit them.  Mostly this will be extended into a couple of days as there are many stories to catch up on.

Lastly, I try to include time to do some self-reflecting. This is the moment that I can reflect on the journey I had throughout the year. This time of reflection is usually the moments when I wake up late or when I’m driving alone.  It’s important to reflect so that you can see how you can come up with reproach and just try better next time. I often like to mix this time with having quality time, which is when I listen to music, watch an interesting documentary or simply just pulling off the road and enjoying the view of the beach.

Apart from visiting events or going out together as a family, these moments have become a tradition to me and have defined why I enjoy going on holidays because it gives me the time to be with my family.

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