Welcome to Unravelled Thoughts by George Booysen, in this blog I will express on my life experiences and day-to-day findings on what life offers us.  Before I started working, I was fortunate to travel to various places both nationally and internationally, in which I learned so much about different spheres of life.  My life has always been about exploring different cultures and observing the way people conduct themselves. At first, I moved from a small city (Port Elizabeth) to a bit bigger city (Cape Town) later Johannesburg aka Jozi, a much bigger city as I am always eager to experience more, through my posts you will understand why.

From a young age I have always been into art, acted in a few shows, in which I grew a passion for writing, I wrote a play with a close friend of mine, unfortunately, that play was never performed.  Nevertheless, art always inspired me to do more. I tried debating, orators later I also did some b-boying (a hip-hop style of power moves freezes and combinations, which is also known as breakdancing). Naturally, I’m a very reserved person, but how I connected to the world was through getting involved through what it offers

Now, after many years I decided that I will share my experiences so that it may serve as a record that people can relate to but moreover inspire to engage in life with a passion.  Many of my writings will give input, perspective, observations, and reviews of life.  How I see life from my side but in no attempt to change your perspective.

I am working in the education sector by profession. In my free time, I enjoy taking walks, viewing nature, and listening to music. Besides that, I like to stay in touch on social media with my family and friends, as most of them are staying in a different city.

During the day I enjoy sipping on coffee as it keeps me going but at night, I calmly enjoy tea and end the day off in writing. May you enjoy your time while reading my blog.

George B